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Never-ending Generation of Diversity in the Everyday
Concurrent with the initiatives organized by BankART1929, a daily program of events planned by the individual teams at Shin Minatomura is on offer. Among the many events planned are large-scale exhibitions, a performance program primarily concentrating on 'making', a shop for remodeling clothes, schools, international conferences, social gatherings and so on. In all, several hundred events and activities are programmed. Below, a sample of the wide range of events on offer.

The Inauguration of a Super School

The Inauguration of a Super School

Open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (19:30 - 21:15) An attendance fee is required. In addition to BankART's routine school activities, the Super School will be held in conjunction with various adult education schools throughout Japan. Participating bodies: Bigakko, blanClass, YES (Yokohama Eco School), Kitanaka School, Ito Architecture Private School, Yokohama Heritage, Association for Corporate Support of the Art and Sendai School of Design.

Organised by all the participating schools in conjunction with BankART1929.


Under 35 Gallery

A series of exhibitions of artists under 35 in the UNDER 35 gallery and HH gallery. Participants and dates: Aug.6-17 Nao Nishihara (art), Sep.2-14 Masanori Hata (photography) and Takako Okumura (selected from public competition, art), Sep.16-28 Yuri Naruse+Jun Inokuma (architecture) and Takeshi Fujimura & Sayaka Uchino (art), Sep.30- Oct.12 Maki Ohnishi+Yuki Hyakuda (architecture) and Yusuke Asai (art), Oct.14-Nov.6 Michiko Nakatani (art) and Ishu Han (selected from public competition, art).

Organised by BankART1929.

新港村Cafe Live 2011

Shin Minatomura Café Live Events Program 2011

A separate admission charge is applicable. (2,500-2,800 yen including one drink) Over a relaxing drink enjoy the week-end events program. In addition to visiting event concentrated on the making process, one can drop by at the Café where the live program includes a diverse range of talents: Aug.6 Naohiko Umewaka, Aug. 20 Masato Tomobe+Makoto Nomura, Sep.3 Selected artists from public competition : Ayumu Kawasaki+Yoriko Maeno+Takehito Kinoshita, Sep.10 Monju no Chienetsu+Tenniscoarts, Sep.18 Koichi Makigami+SUNDRUM, Nov.3 ARICA, Nov.5 off-Nibroll, Nov.6 Atsuko Hirota +Megumi Nakamura.

Hachinohe Review in Shin Minatomura Gallery

Hachinohe Review in Shin Minatomura Gallery

Saturday August 6th thru Wednesday August 31st. This collaborative project between three photographers, Kayo Ume, Masashi Asada, Hideo Tsudo, and Hachinohe citizens culminates in this exhibition — originally shown at the Hachinohe Potal Museum "hacchi" from February 26th until March 30th 2011— portraying daily life in Hachinohe before the recent earthquake, the lives and activities of the local people. Project Planning: Hachinohe Potal Museum "hacchi", Hachinohe-city in co-operation of Mayumi Uchida, and Chie Morimoto.

Co-organised by BankART1929 and Hachinohe Potal Museum "hacchi"

Kazuo Ohno Festival 2011

Kazuo Ohno Festival 2011

Venues: Shin Minatomura Theatre and other locations. Duration: Friday September 30th thru Sunday October 30th. A separate admission charge is applicable. (2,800-3,300 yen) Specifically conceived for this year's festival the New Piece Project includes a collaborative work between residents directors and performers that will take place at Shin Minatomura's Amphitheatre, along with a forum and other public performances. Dates and performers: Sep.30-Oct.2 Karine Saporta & Project Ohyama. Oct.7-9 Yuki Aoki & Shinjin H, Oct.15-16 Regine Chopinot, Oct.22 Takayuki Fujimoto&Daisuke Yoshimoto, Oct.28-30 Danny Yung & Kanji Shimizu. Palace Soars Across the Sky Shin Minatomura edition on Oct.23 Performers: Yoshito Ohno, Kakuya Ohashi & Dancers, Toshiko Oka and others. Yokohama Dance Neighbourhood 2011 on Oct.10 will feature 5 or 6 dance groups performing in different outdoor locations in a dance program designed for a city walkabout. Performers : Keisuke Kanai, Jiro Aoki, Mamoru Sakata, Miki Kakiuchi, Maki Kurita and others. An exceptional feature of this year's festival will be an exhibition of archive materials drawn from various sources: the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, PARC, and the Research Center for the Arts and Arts Administration at the Keio University.

Organised by Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio and BankART1929.

Let's Film, Snap and Shoot Yokohama!

Venue: The entire Shin Minatomura area (33m x 135m) Dates: Friday October 14th thru Sunday November 6th. What is Yokohama? What was it, and how will it be? Availing of Shin Minatomura as a base, a group of visual artists will photograph Yokohama in all its aspects: Among the participants, Miyako Ishiuchi, Keizo Kitajima, Hotaro Koyama, Tokihiro Sato, Risaku Suzuki, Takuma Nakahira, Asako Narahashi, Ryuji Miyamoto, Daido Moriyama (confirmation pending), Hideo Mori, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Satomi Sakuma, Jun Sanbonmatsu and others.

Organised by BankART1929

Makoto Murata Exhibition

The exhibition will feature a series of oil paintings by the arts journalist, Makoto Murata, notably works from his one-man exhibitions, the 'Book' series. These works can be viewed at the Shin Minatomura and BankART Studio NYK between August 6th and September 21st. Concurrently, an event sponsored by the Nadiff Apartment Gallery, 'Makoto Murata in the World's Master's Series' has been scheduled from August 4th thru September 11th.